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The Potato is our Passion

In 2019, Maud and Thierry decided to create a French crisps workshop, based on strong values. Legitimate for 30 years in the cultivation of potatoes, they know that quality, proximity and consistency are their best assets to develop a different and desirable potato chip.

From this ambition, born of their experience, and through Auboiselle, they work for a reasoned and reasonable agriculture.

By developing collaborative axes with local farmers, they give them more visibility, recognition and legitimacy in a sector that is in the midst of ecological and economic change.

From earth to mouth  Directly ...

Faced with increasingly significant environmental challenges, our civic awareness is progressing. As craftsmen of the earth, we are the first concerned about the impact that the earth undergoes; This is the reason why we wanted to create virtuous crisps for the environment. They are obviously local, less polluting (the water used is fully recycled) and with ecological packaging solutions to reduce our environmental impact. Our know-how is not limited to our environmental commitment. It also revolves around taste, our artisanal cooking in a cauldron, our moderate salt content and our desire to have a less greasy crisp, while retaining its qualities.

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