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A light and finely salted crisp

What makes us different ?

Original  local

100% Of natural origin

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Sublimate what nature offers us.

Our desire to favor short circuits gives us the opportunity to tell our story and our geographical location; This opens the door to explaining and promoting our working methods. Talking about the land, the place where our potatoes are grown, talking about our rural culture and the attention given to the product before delivering it to the consumer.

Ingredients chosen for their qualities

Our potatoes

For the potatoes...

We went to meet all our Aube producers. Of their fields, we know the name... Of their work, the quality...

Selected within a radius of 25 km around the workshop, our potatoes are pure Aubois products.

Our salt

From the island of Noirmoutier, we chose Martine, who from Épine in Vendée, offers us a salt with a subtle taste. Its salt respects the "Nature and progress" specifications, which for us is the guarantee of its excellence in delivering exceptional salt.

Our 100% sunflower oil

Selected for its high content of essential fatty acid (omega 6), our sunflower oil soaks up the sun during the summer season to bring us a perfect balance. A sweet and delicate flavor reminiscent of the taste of fresh sunflower seeds and a precious ability to reveal all the flavors of our potatoes.

Discover the aperitif in "light" mode...

To speak a potato crisp is to evoke moments of sharing and conviviality. Nevertheless, crisps are sometimes associated with less rewarding nutritional aspects. Sweet euphemism to hide the high fat and salt values contained in industrial crisps.

At Auboiselle, we like crisps, but not those that leave us with oily memories on our fingertips. With 18.7% fat, our chips have a score of 72/100 on the Yuka app. We are very proud of it... The salt has also been reduced (0.7%), so that it does not obscure the subtle flavors of our potatoes.


We don't promise anything, just authentic crisps,  rich in its Aube land and its rural values.

Where to find us !

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